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Club Factory is a multinational e-commerce website, founded in 2014 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. They got huge funding to promote their business, till now they received $100M. Basically ClubFactory is a app where you find large number product direct from factory outlet. and they have well trained and organised Club Factory Customer care number and mail support team via mail and instagram also

Club Factory Customer Care Number
Club Factory

The club factory app showcases some really cool collection at an unbelievable price . Being a shopoholic i couldnt resist placing an order .The variety offered at those prices is just too tempting to be missed out on. I shopped for few stuff.Even it is China based company they accept all method of payment like Paytm and all other banking apps and also they help their customer through dedicated Club factory customer care number and mail support

There is some reason for shop on ClubFactory

  1. Size chart is common, don’t have to keep referring to it , once you figure it out right
  2. Awesomely economical prices at anywhere between 10–60% lower than other websites and local malls
  3. Trendy stuff!! Great collection across clothes, shoes, and accessories.
  4. Responsive and helpful customer support over chat (just the way i prefer it)
  5. Cost effective. if you are shopping on a budget, this is the app for you. Just take your time and read ALL THE DETAILS of the product before you buy, dont just focus on the picture
  6. Collections are updated frequently so there are always new products on the app, especially fashion and clothing
  7. .Unique products. It is surprising some of the products you can find on the app. very different from other online stores
  8. The customer service on Instagram is really good and they have a number of competitions and giveaways each month if you like that kind of thing, you should search them on Instagram

When I first stumbled on to the app, the prices really caught my attention. As has been well documented, everything was relatively cheaper compared to other online shopping sites. This is because they club factory connects the buyer directly to the manufacturer thus allowing the buyer to get the goods at factory price. Club Factory is a legitimate company, though their process and delivery is quite slow and they do not have COD yet.

Here some extra points to be noted….

  • Price. I think price would be the biggest reason that I buy product there. In fact, I had asked them why their price is so low, they tell me that they have connected with factories all around the world, and all products are provided in a factory price. I don’t know if this is true, but the truth is the price is really cheap.
  • Quality. The quality is fine, I can say it is more than I cost. For example, I have bought a necklace about Rs.70, and I wouldn’t buy the same product in that price from other stores. So I can same from the same price, Club Factory have its advantage. But, as this is a worldwide shipping, anything would happened during the shipping time, unfortunately, this is also occurred on me, one products is damaged in delivery, but this is not the quality problem.
  • Delivery. Club Factory claims the shipping time would be 10-18 days, and from my shopping experience, sometimes the delivery would be this, and some time the delivery time may be longer. I have once received my products for almost 3 weeks. So, from my experience, when you very need the products, you’d better contact them.
  • Return. Return is simple, but looks only the products issue can be return. I have asked for return a handbag as my darling friend had bought me a new one, sadly there have rejected my request, they contact me, as the product the no problem, and if I insist on return for inappropriate reason, I need pay for delivery, and this is not good for me, and I also think about what they tell, finally, I cancelled the request.
  • Customer Service. The customer service is very cool, contact them in app can get reply immediately, and I suggest for some urgent issues, you can contact them by making a phone call.

and there is lot of other interesting thing about ClubFacory like pros and cons so read ClubFactory under our Blog Section

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