Paytm sell genuine product or not?

How Paytm CashBack work?
Cashback policy is a lot realted to funding received by paytm through its anchor investors. Well most of the products are genuine and original since paytm is a mediator , product is shipped by seller directly so in few cases sellers sell duplicate product also. I have till date purchased 485 items from paytm in 2 years span and i found that usually branded jeans are of duplicate nature else most products are orignal. I have ordered all type of products being clothes,electronics,home furnishings, even products like air-fryer, cycle, mobile, ac etc were also part of my purchases.
So its clear most of the things are original.

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Now i would explain you cashback policy. Its like paytm suffers loss when it provides us cashback. I am sure about it since i talked to many sellers how much commision they give to paytm and how much cashback customer got: net was loss to paytm . For eg MrX sells one Adidas shoe for 1000 which has mrp of 1500 now MrX will have to pay 100 rs to paytm as comm and shipping. Suppose offer was of 30 percent cashback. It means when i purchased the shoe i effectively got it for rs700. It means loss to paytm is of rs200.
Try to understand the financial statement of paytm : it shows loss of 350 crore in last fy U0001f648U0001f644
In turn loss was adjusted against the funding it got from anchor investors.
So for now its clear product sale by paytm are original and paytm gives us bestest offers which is not cup of tea for competitor ecommerce sites.
I would suggest you to shop branded things from paytm as it lets us save lot money as compared to purchase from showroom.
And yes ! Why paytm suffers so much loss and gives us cashback ? I will be back to you once i get chance to meet Mr Vijay shekhar Sharma

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